Tap Tap Tap…

…is this thing still on?

Yes, it’s been a week, and while I’ve missed sharing my favorite meals, wine, and Corner Brook surprises, I’ve also been busy distracting myself with shelves of surprises elsewhere:

And eating some gourmet food on the go:

(Yes that is a deli sandwich, and no it’s not being eaten on an airplane)

And taking the time to smell the flowers:

Taking in a bit of art and architecture:

And shopping for some gourmet chocolate:

Oh yeah, and while I was away I was also hired for a job that will ostensibly liberate me from being Cornered in Corner Brook.

And that required a little celebration

Until that day, however, I want to use these pages to thank the Corner Brookers who have made Corner Brook (and the 4th city I’ve lived in in the last 4 years) a habitable and hospitable home.

So stay tuned…

2 Comments on “Tap Tap Tap…”

  1. Christine says:

    You’re in Kingston! I lived there for a year… used to adore lunches at Pan Chancho. Enjoy… the weather must be beautiful!

    • Violette says:

      That’s right…how can one resist Kingston and Pan Chancho! Thanks also for the Montreal restaurant recommendations. I enjoyed un verre de Biere at Benelux and can’t wait to try your other recommendations soon — your website is a degustation of info!

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