Wine on Wednesday

Is there anything better than getting together with friends, dining like kings, and sharing an evening of laughs? There is: getting together with friends, dining like kings, sharing an evening of laughs, AND discovering a new wine. Like this one:

A good wine like this Mark West 2009 Pinot Noir is only improved when shared with friends. And I recently had the honor of trying this wine in the company of some of the most hospitable Corner Brookers I’ve encountered.

We ate the first BBQ of the season, enjoyed some spring asparagus on the side, finished the meal with home-made pie, and shared jokes and tales while sipping this lovely red late into the night. It’s fruity notes, its hints of plum and thyme, and its blueberry-and-pepper finish paired well with hearty steak and veggies, and the wine continued to surprise us with its versatile, cherry flavors long after the meal was over.

And now, when I pick up my own bottle to enjoy at home, I am once again carried away by floral notes and stone fruit, back to that night of good laughs, endless stories, and a night of genuine Newfoundland hospitality.

What wines do you associate with friends and merriment?


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