The Architecture of Happiness

Have you ever noticed how food-related names like Concord-Grape, Sage, Bisque and Truffle make paint samples and home-renovation aisles seem like veritable farmer’s markets of color choice? We associate colors with the foods we enjoy, and are often drawn to those colors to cheer our living spaces.

I recently enjoyed a stroll through Corner Brook’s colorful Townsite District and remarked that meals, like houses, are also improved by brilliant and varied colors. A varied palette makes a meal more enticing and usually makes it healthier (unless your meal is Froot-Loops and Gummy Bears), just as a bright paint-job can improve one’s habitat and one’s outlook on otherwise drab days.

I also recently came across this recipe for a delicious paella that, I can’t help but notice, is similar in color and variation to many Townsite homes. I couldn’t help but associate the recipe’s ingredient list with Townsite’s brilliant palette.

Take this house on North Street, I call it Chorizo Fuchsia:

And this house on Armstrong Street? Saffron, naturally:

And nutty-brown Basmati rice recalls Townsite’s earth-toned homes:

While Organic Vegetable Broth makes a surprise appearance on Reid:

(Will we see Broth on paint samples anytime soon? Perhaps not, but its intensity translates well into a unique house color.)

The paella’s shrimp also have the same teal and deep blue tones that you’ll find on houses dotting Central Street:

And what better way to add drama than with garnishes of lemon and parsley?:

Just as the Paella’s singular ingredients build a harmonious dish, so too do the saturated colors of Townsite create a harmonious neighborhood.

And if this dish doesn’t have you reaching for the castanets and breaking into flamenco it will certainly have you contemplating spring renos and a trip to the paint-aisle.


5 Comments on “The Architecture of Happiness”

  1. Love your blog – and love this post in particular. As someone who lives far away from her hometown of Corner Brook, I love the fresh spin you put on my memories of home.

    • Violette says:

      Thanks for your comment, Shelley. I always enjoy hearing responses from Corner Brookers transplanted elsewhere. Looking forward to reading your blog, too.

  2. A Fan says:

    So imaginative and colourful! You have a wonderful way of finding relationships between seemingly unrelated ideas. I’m really enjoying your blog, which I discovered through Please keep writing and sharing your vibrant creativity.

  3. Christine says:

    I love this post! Beautiful photos and colours. You make Corner Brook look very tasty indeed!

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