Wine on Wednesday

Some people are text messaging fiends, others prefer email. Some people can’t make it through a day without updating their Facebook status, while others Tweet to their heart’s content. I wait for the postal worker’s footsteps on my stairs, and the clang and crash of the mailbox opening and shutting again.

Because sometimes, if I wish hard enough, the mailbox fills with surprises. Like this:

Mail makes (nearly) any wish and whim possible, and has the added bonus of keeping you in a state of constant anticipation.

It’s almost like being next in line. Or waiting for me to get to my point.

So, thanks to mail, I can now jot down the successes and failures of my culinary adventures and keep my favorite recipes organized in one compact package instead of on random post-it notes or scrawled illegibly on the backs of receipts.

I inaugurated my recipe journal with an entry in its wine section. I’ve wanted to try Oregon wines for some time now, but they have generally been out of my budget.

So when this tantalizing Pinot Gris recently went on sale, I wanted to savor every sip and record my first impressions of this new and flourishing wine country.

As my recipe journal reminds me, this 2007 Walnut City Wineworks Pinot Gris has a light lemon and rose bouquet, contrasted by a crisp, aged cheddar-like bite, and dry fruity finish.

I also noted that the wine was light, almost lemon-lime instead of the straw-colored varieties I expect from American Pinot Gris. And although I enjoyed the wine with a delicious vegetable Frittata, my notes remind me to pair it with a salmon dish next time, or bring it along to a friend’s house for a laid-back evening of chats and snacks.

And when I do, I’ll have a place to record those pairings too.


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