Wine on Wednesday

My (Top-Secret) House Wine

I don’t want to tell you about this Wednesday’s wine. Why? Because I’m afraid that the next time I venture to pick up a bottle, the shelf will be empty because you will have actually listened to me when I tell you to pick up a case.

So, I’d rather not tell you to pick up a case of The Wolftrap:

I’d rather not tell you that you’ll find The Wolftrap with the other South African wines at your local wine store, that it’s only $15, and that it’s produced by Boekenhoutskloof wineries where wolves are heard howling and gnashing their teeth at night, but are never actually seen.

I don’t want to admit to you that this blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Viognier, like last week’s blend, is perfectly drinkable for newbies and wine lovers alike.

So don’t go out and buy a case, because you won’t enjoy the wine’s rich raspberry color, its hints of chocolate and cherry, and its almost smoky finish. You won’t enjoy how perfectly the wine pairs with almost any dish you can imagine…including BBQ chicken pizza. You won’t even enjoy it on its own.

Okay, you will. You will love this wine and, like me, you will want to make it your own house wine, your go-to choice and your fall-back option. So you should go out and buy a case…as long as you invite me over for a glass.


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