Part of This Complete Breakfast

Most Corner Brookers thought yesterday’s weather forecast was a cruel April Fool’s joke: 10 cm of snow after a gorgeous spring day? Say it aint so.

Sadly, it is so. But here at Chez Moi the forecast calls for french-press coffee…

…and a morning’s worth of my favorite magazines courtesy of my favorite Corner Brook establishment, the Corner Brook Public Library:

That’s right, the Corner Brook Public Library circulates its entire magazine collection, which means you get to take them home. For free. For three weeks.

The library’s selection of books, movies, and magazines is surprising, and includes a large “Newfoundland” section and a staggering variety of cookbooks:

The library also provides the best customer service in town. If the library doesn’t have the book you’re looking for, a librarian will order it from another library (which usually only takes a week to get in). And, if the book isn’t available elsewhere, a librarian will go to great lengths to order a brand new copy just for you.

If, like me, you’re keen to read the latest magazines as soon as possible, a librarian will even call you when your magazine comes in, and reserve it for you at the front desk.

Which means, on a snowy Saturday like today, you can learn how to prep for a 10K, plan a Greek-style Easter Dinner, discover Chile’s top wine picks, and learn about Jerusalem’s contemporary architecture. It’s all part of a complete, Saturday morning breakfast.


One Comment on “Part of This Complete Breakfast”

  1. […] miss the lovely ladies who work at the library. I miss their weekly phone calls to let me know a new book came in, or the latest issue of Food […]

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