Wine on Wednesday

Wine with a Story

I admit, I wanted to review a Newfoundland wine for this week’s “Wine Wednesday” until I discovered a wine with its own story to tell:

With no disrespect to Newfoundland’s tradition of blueberry and gooseberry wines, they just don’t compare to this Shiraz, Mourvèdre, and Grenache blend. These are some of the oldest grapes grown in the Barossa region of Australia, originating in France and Spain, and together they create magic in a bottle.

Shiraz is probably the most widely recognized grape in the blend, which gives this particular 2007 Peter Lehmann blend a distinct spice. The Mourvèdre, a dark, “tannic” grape, also contributes to the wines zingy-ness and is responsible for the wine’s gorgeous deep red color. But both the Shiraz and the Mourvèdre are toned down by the Grenache which lends the wine a surprising floral fragrance, berry flavors, and a smooth finish. The result is a very drinkable wine, a good choice for wine newbies who want to try something new and versatile.

The wine’s name, “The Seven Surveys” is a tribute to the Barossa region’s pioneering families who brought vine cuttings from France and Spain when they established the region in the 1800s. Today the region still produces grapes from these original plants. The wine’s signature “Queen of Clubs” motif is also a tribute to Peter Lehmann’s gamble of taking on the region, and his good luck producing wines as unique and storied as The Seven Surveys blend.

I raise a glass to that story. And to my own very good luck coming upon this wine in Newfoundland.


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