Found Hiding in the Corner

Today I want to tell you about my Uncle Marvin. When I was 9 or 10, I taught my Uncle Marvin how to inline skate.

Another Old Guy Rollerblading (NOT Uncle Marvin) –Image Courtesy of Travelin’ Librarian via Flickr

To my surprise, Uncle Marvin enjoyed the sport so much he bought himself a pair of roller blades and made inline skating part of his daily exercise routine. And when that got boring, Uncle Marvin taught himself how to roller blade backwards.

Last June, my Uncle Marvin celebrated his 73rd Birthday. Looking as fit as ever, I asked him to share his secrets of youth and health. He replied:

Inline skating and Cod Liver Oil.

Although I suspect he has retired his roller blades, Uncle Marvin takes a tablespoon of Norwegian cod liver oil daily and attributes his nearly un-interrupted health to this routine.

After researching a bit more about cod liver oil, I tried to emulate Uncle Marvin’s discipline and take a spoonful daily, hoping it would truly be the fountain of youth. The problem is, however, that cod liver oil tastes about as delicious as it sounds. Worse, its flavor has a tendency to linger, making everyday social situations potentially embarrassing.

That’s why I was excited to find this at Whole Health:

It’s NOW Foods Lemon-Smoothie flavored cod-liver oil. Sure, Lemon Smoothie sounds delicious but I must admit I’m not entirely ready to chug a cupful of the stuff right away. It is, nonetheless, not unbearable. Most importantly, it’s full of all the good stuff to keep my heart, joints, skin, and vision in good repair, so that on my 73rd Birthday, I’ll look as healthy as Uncle Marvin


2 Comments on “Found Hiding in the Corner”

  1. Auntie Vi says:

    Inspiring story about rollerblading. the photo? Not so much. Not enough clothing to prevent sunburn or road rash incase of falls. But,I guess he never falls as no helmet, wrist or knee guards. Happy roller blding in Corner Brook.

    • Violette says:

      You’re right, the rollerblading is inspiring. But the photo leaves nothing to the imagination (except, as you so keenly observe, road rash). Wish I had a picture of the real thing.

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