Wine on Wednesday

Does Organic Make a Difference?

Last Saturday I (briefly) shared my Organic wine discovery. Some of my favorite wines are deep and luxurious Zinfandels, so I was curious to see if and how an organic variety might alter the Zinf’s characteristic heartiness.

The wine in question is Bonterra Vineyard’s 2007 Organic Zinfandel from Northern California.

Upon first sip, I admit, I completely forgot my organic concern as the wine’s silky texture distracted me instantly. The wine had a complex earthiness, at times sweet like vanilla and woody like mushrooms. Its fragrance is by turns peppery and berry-sweet. Most surprising, however, was the wine’s endlessly smooth texture, keeping any harsh tannins at bay.

So, do organic grapes alter a wine’s taste? In the case of Bonterra, I think its organic nature certainly accounts for its complex flavor and silky texture, but it the wine’s purity and restraint that sets it apart from other Zins, making it very approachable. In fact, I’m already looking forward to approaching a glass or two tonight.

Have you tried any Organic wines worth raving about?


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