Coffee with a View

Many Corner Brookers, if they’re honest with themselves, can imagine great things for their city. Corner Brookers are not unique in this — after all, don’t people wherever they are want to improve the places they inhabit?

That’s why it was refreshing to visit Corner Brook’s Harbour Grounds café today.

Coffee with a View

Perhaps it was the sunshine (3 sunny days out of 7? We should be so lucky!)

The Last Icicles Cling

Or the delicious latte and cheesecake brownie I enjoyed:

Cheesecake + Brownie = Heaven

Perhaps it was the view of the snowy hills and the bay:

Looking West

Perhaps it was all three that got me imagining the possibilities that Corner Brook’s waterfront offers.

Immediately I imagined something like this:

Navy Pier, Chicago

Instead of this:

Highway Obstruction

And I imagined something like this:

Arts and Science Museum Singapore

Instead of this:

Can't Escape this View

And perhaps even this:

Prince of Wales Hotel, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Instead of this:

Hotel Corner Brook

And maybe even a restaurant like this:

Murphy's Restaurant, Halifax

Instead of this:

Lucky Star (I hear the food's good)

I have a big imagination, I know. And while such grand schemes take enormous efforts to materialize (and never simply one imagination alone), I am thankful in the meantime for the efforts of places like Harbour Grounds for imagining, in place of an old taxi stand, delicious coffee with a view.


A Greater Outlook

How do you imagine Corner Brook?



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