It’s Not Delivery

Like most people, your Queen of Wish-and-Whim has lofty wishes. This week, for example, she dreamed of a perfect pizza, one that would knock her socks off and send her to paradise. She imagined, a dead-easy dial-up pie; a melt-in-your mouth bed of Italian-bread-like dough; a leaning tower of Italian sausage, feta, spinach, lots of veggies (and none of that tooth-decay “red” sauce a la 1960). So, wasting no time, your humble narrator dialed her local popular pizza joint, Sorrento’s, hoping for a pizza delivery experience like this:

paradise pizza express

Pizza in paradise

Perhaps made here:

Into the Fire

Al Forno

Alas, she waited for an hour for the wrong pizza to show up.

Bothered and bewildered and still remarkably unsatisfied (should she have followed the advice of the people?), she set to work the very next day to make her own perfect pizza.

She selected her toppings (no limits, no extra charges):

Leeks, Red Pepper, Red Onion, Garlic, Feta, and Parmesan

She sautéed them in olive oil (no additives, no extra salt):

Until Soft and Glistening

Then, she rolled out her own pre-made pizza dough, sprinkled some Parmesan and garlic on top; She added some spicy Italian sausage, and topped it off with her glistening veggies, a handful of feta and (of course) a handful of baby spinach.

She baked this behemoth in a (sadly, regular kitchen oven) for 15 minutes, until she got:

The Perfect Pizza

It’s not delivery, people. And it’s not complicated. AND, most importantly, it’s delicious, and everything a picky dreamer could hope for. In short, the perfect pie.

Moral? Don’t order in. Your own imagination and a little effort taste better than what’s handed to you in a cardboard box. Unless you’re in Italy.


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